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  • Tokyo Hot n0602 Special 2010 Part2 Megumi Shino,Satomi Suzuki,Anna Sakai,Ai Naoshima

    Tokyo Hot n0602 Special 2010 Part2

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    Format : DVD All Regions
    Product code : G2523 Item code : n0602
    Starring : Megumi Shino ,Satomi Suzuki ,Anna Sakai ,Ai Naoshima
    Studio : Tokyo Hot Series : Tokyo Hot
    Category : Bukkake ,Creampie ,Gangbang ,mouth ejaculation ,splash pussy ,Cleaning fellatio ,Pussy Bukkake ,Hand Job ,Semen poured ,Drinking Semen ,Vibration Machine ,Toilet stool headpiece ,mixed Gangbang ,Bukkomi ,semen food ,creampie-duck neck
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    Detailed Information
    Special 2010 Part2
    This is the last general settlement of account in this year! The TOKYO HOT Special part 2 that is gangbang that semen is scattered is fantastic. The four nymphs of ANNA SAKAI MEGUMI SHINO SATOMI SUZUKI and AI NAOSHIMA form "TKH48" and CD debut. The title is gVaginal cum shot baby ~ It may have become pregnant!?h The sale point is beauty pussy and highly sensitive it is an idol for exclusive use of the vaginal cum shot. However the activity base of four people is not Akihabara and stage but it is on the bed. It is zooming popularly in the meat urinal activity that will widely offer pussy to parties concerned and everybody of the fan now. Hot encouragement and semen of people will be essential in future to take the world! Even if the pussy is destroyed in the continuousness of vaginal cum shot it is a smile. It can never forget warmth of the semen which had people inject it even if it becomes pregnant. After one year the image girl activity. "THK48" that is formed is acting well. The four nymphs who is dressed glitter clothes are rollick. However it is not only the woman who will appear on the gorgeous stage. The lavatory woman lived by the shadow of the activity of four people in the lavatory while keeping sucking the cock. Today's meal is a sandwich. She is made to eat the sandwich after two semen is launched on bread in her presence. It is semen sand once a day. On the other hand four people of THK48 are given dance lesson happily. Of course the rival is a top idol. However it is only four people who are thinking they are pure idol. Actually they are only meat urinal idol and a day doesn't end without the pussy offer. They are called in body business to directors of the recording label immediately after the debut. Four people watch men of the officer to wait impatiently for by cock full exposure and are at a loss for words. Immediately after four people who having begun to be put off clothes are admonished that it is new figure's gateway to success and are at the mercy of them though four people opposes. The spectacle where four people who are stripped off also panty queued up in the open leg pose is amazing grandeur! There are four beautiful pussies! The pleasure of time when thinking which it will make is particular. Immediately after it is rotor toy act at the same time. Four people react by the whole body. Although they dislike it sensitivity is good. After all it is not an ordinary idol. And stimulation with the electric massage machine also added and they ejaculate. Then ANNA who is made finger fuck continuously gushes a large amount of love juice in response to the movement of the finger! AI is also in the state that the pussy is a deluge in intense finger fuck. Immediately after they get acme by vibs toy & electricity massage machine act. And the cock is pushed into the intraoral and they are made fellatio. The thick fellatio of SATOMI who suck cock and fellatio of ANNA who keeps sucking delirious is a viewpoint. Immediately after fucking begins in many places and it is gangbang. Four nymphs are fucked by various postures as missionary backward woman on top and back and pant. ANNA is inserted directly in back after she is piston at standing back posture badly though she falls down and faints in agony. In addition the cock is pushed also by the intraoral and she is in immediately before the limit. The grind of waist of MEGUMI in backward woman on top is also obscene. Spectacle that four nymphs are fucked in queuing up is a masterpiece! And men made vaginal cum shot one after another. Semen is injected each as one for ANNA at side posture two at missionary & one at bending posture for AI one at backward woman on top & two at missionary for SATOMI and one at bending posture for MEGUMI. It is also view point that AI got the acme at the same time as semen injected. All nymphs get tired out afterward. However interchange party with the fan is held immediately. Enthusiastic fans gather. ANNA & AI is in crawl on all fours SATOMI & MEGUMI is in the open leg poses. Four nymphs is inserted cock in the pussy one after another and the vaginal cum shot is made. The semen of 20 totals is poured as three for ANNA four for AI seven for SATOMI and six for MEGUMI and the pussy of four nymphs is a completely disintegrated. And the last is a turn of the meat urinal woman. She made cleaning fellatio for all cocks. It is the role that is deplorable so as to let it thinks that it does not want to become only a meat urinal woman even if reborn to a woman. Participation in the interchange party with THK48 is being accepted continuously next year. Lovely four pussies wait. Of course it is addition of cleaning play of toilet woman option. It keeps holding it until four wombs break.
    Megumi Shino Satomi Suzuki Anna Sakai Ai Naoshima
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