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  • Tokyo Hot n0815 First Time Anal Maki Takei

    Tokyo Hot n0815 First Time Anal

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    Format : DVD All Regions
    Product code : G2602 Item code : n0815
    Starring : Maki Takei
    Studio : Tokyo Hot Series : Tokyo Hot
    Category : Creampie ,masterbation ,Gangbang ,speculum ,irrumatio(irrumation) ,Cleaning fellatio ,Intravaginal camera ,Anal Sex ,Anal Creampie ,two-hole insertion ,Vibration Machine ,speaking erotic word ,ignoring entreaty ,sperm shooting camera ,Bukkomi ,Creampie-doggy
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    Detailed Information
    First Time Anal
                Maki Takei is a sexy girl. She is looks like a elegant but her atmosphere of thick lips that obscene. She has mysterious charm like a eroticism live together with angel. But any kinds of girls can be change to meat urinal by Tokyo-Hot. Ofcource Maki also not exception. Maki has had continuous vaginal cum shot that was finally developed a sensitivity to relentlessly clitoris is groped. Her pouring away of mass drool appearance and being fucked while squid is a must see. She has had first time experience of anal fuck and cum inside as well. Maki is in the job hunting. She consult with man who know childhood. He surprised to see Maki has grown a wonderful woman and think also ulterior motives at the same time. He request her body in return for job placement in the owner of the his company. Maki desperate for a job that does not want to refuse. She showed him masturbation. Taking off her panty and showed her vagina to him. She suck his cock while he finger touch to her clitoris. He ordered her to do a deep deep throating his cock by her. Intense pacifier was drooling is a must-see. After that put electric massage machine to her vagina by open leg pose. She cum a lot by electric massage machine. Then he has insert his cock to her vagina by missionary position. Cowgirl. Backward woman on top posture. Standing back posture. Then cum inside by missionary position. And it is cleaning fellatio. Company to adopt a her hard work has paid off. But after thought Maki has in a treble at first day to work. Dubious guys are already waiting for Maki. Guys has deep kiss to her for newcomer education. She cannot escape from them and guys taking off her panty. They also finger service to her vagina and it is getting wet. Then put electric massage machine on to her vagina. She feels good and crazy growl. She might be a shameless. Then guys put electric massage machine on to her vagina again. While guys touch her vagina they put his finger in to her anal as well. Is stirred squirting anal and taking a electric massage machine to her. Then she was shout. Her lower body jumpy. Been driven to the brink of the limit. Is inserted the camera to her vagina. At the inside is pinky. Figure also highlights that really frightened devices ostentatious. Then guys put cuzco in to her vagina as screwed. And guys has put him cock in to her mouth. She was cry that deep through. At the same time guys finger fuck her vagina and she get Squirting again. Then taking missionary position and back side position and standing position. Guys has hard stroking to her. After that a guy insert his penis to her vagina and anal by cow girl position. At the same time another guy has put his cock to her mouth. Then a guy put his penis in to her anal by back cow girl position and also insert to her vagina as well. Then guys has cum insert her vagina by side position. At 2 nd is cum insert by back side position. Then 3 rd  4 th  5 th  is cum insert again. Cleans up guys cock by her mouth. After that other guys cock in to her anal and cum insert. Then throw guys sperm in to her vagina with taking video by camera. And she has taking open leg pose and gets 7times guys sperm. She is so tired and cannot speak anymore. Report from the procurement department that woman who want to get job. Going to be high likely to be captured woman who has beautiful vagina and anal. Tokyo-Hot wish to strive towards the ideal society.
    Starring : Maki Takei
    Duration : 01:43:18
    Actresses Appear in This Movie 9
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