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  • Tokyo Hot n0753 Common Meat Slave Ai Wakana

    Tokyo Hot n0753 Common Meat Slave

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    Format : DVD All Regions
    Product code : G2653 Item code : n0753
    Starring : Ai Wakana
    Studio : Tokyo Hot Series : Tokyo Hot
    Category : Creampie ,Piss ,Gangbang ,speculum ,mouth ejaculation ,Pussy Bukkake ,Strap ,Semen poured ,Drinking Semen
    Screen Shot :
    Detailed Information
    Common Meat Slave
                It is too much of being too terrible! It is the delicate neat body and clean raven-black hair. AI WAKANA the beauty of the highest with beautiful leg & tits can be pierced in a lot of cocks and just before a limit! The semen of 41 shots including ten mouthful cum shot is poured in the body and it was driven in by the time it carried out the near-death experience. The spectacle in which a pure beauty cramps the whole body gradually at the same to pouring semen is a must. The atrocious play which can be simultaneously pierced two stinking cocks in a pussy also explodes! The woman who continued being made vaginal cum shot earnestly with being nonresistant is going to garbage can straight finally. AI of the popular announcer is left the new program which contents to be made vaginal cum shot in front of a camera earnestly. It is perplexed though she is persuaded as it can take the audience rating. However a rehearsal is carried out without being able to refuse it. Both hands are bound immediately in the back and panty can be stripped off. Immediately after employees also gather and they participate in a rehearsal. AI who is made careful licking service by the open leg pose feels it immediately and she lets a whole body have convulsions! Then she is made fellatio. Although she hates she sucks it carefully. In fact does she love cock? Then cock inserted at missionary posture. The piston is carried out repeatedly at side back and backward woman on top posture and she cramps the whole body and feels it much. As is expected it is a draw announcer. It is brilliant sensitiveness. It is stirred in the back after it continued being made fuck and vaginal cum shot is made at the same time of acme! The second cock inserted after cleaning fellatio and she is poked powerfully. And she is failed in the vaginal cum shot hell where is inserted the next cock in immediately when it is injected semen in sequence. A total of nine continuation semen is poured in and pussy is soppy. She is made cleaning fellatio for all cock and is sucked out the remaining semen. After the fact her face is muddy much by the back flowed semen. It is already mess. She is treated as meat urinal completely. It is not woman announcer but a pussy woman! Immediately after another new program is left to AI again. It is the contents of a plan which do thorough research of a pussy and the semen. However it seems that AI does not understand program main point well. The training begin by the all the staff as it necessary to make the body teaching thoroughly. AI who is striped off dress immediately and is made stark nakedness has been caressed the whole body. And it is deep kiss & careful licking service. Immediately after cock inserted at the missionary posture. The piston is carried out powerfully and she feels in the whole body. She feels even a continuing woman on top posture and faint in agony. She is a lewd woman who is too sensitive contrary to the appearance which seems to be gentle. A pure daughter's true character becomes clear! Then she is pressed down and cock is thrown into the pussy one after another and vaginal cum shot is made. The semen of a total of ten shots is poured in and pussy becomes muddily. The appearance that convulsion is repeated simultaneously with pouring is also must see! Immediately after she was drank up back flowed semen. Then one more cock is inserted at back posture in the midst of fucking by the woman on top posture! It is the double insertion of the surprise! Although she is trying to escape inevitability but it is stirred and writhe. Then cock inserted while other cock has been inserting at backward woman on top posture. She faints in agony by stirring of two same time. AI is made acme while having convulsions. And the mouthful cum shot is made one after another while cock is inserted in sitting posture. The total ten mouthful cum shot is made continuously. Then cock inserted at missionary posture after drinking all up and vaginal cum shot is made. Then it is inserted cock continuously and five continues vaginal cum shot is made! Immediately after cock is thrown in at missionary posture and she exclaims at powerful piston. After this insertion & vaginal cum shot is repeated five times! Pussy is disintegrated. It seems that she fell to the meat slave completely. The last is PISS SHOT. She squats down and extended pussy with a finger and urinates. It excretes powerfully at a stretch with indecent sound. A plaintive expression like whether it surrendered perfectly is impressive. AI is a meat slave of all of you. She will expose foolery on TV in future. It is planning the vaginal cum shot program of the all the audiences participation. The warm semen of all of you is a driving force of the perseverance of AI. Please support her by pouring semen in until the womb explodes.
    Starring : Ai Wakana
    Duration : 01:43:30
    Actresses Appear in This Movie 4
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