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  • Tokyo Hot n0848 Pussy Idol Unit Leo Saionji Hikaru Shiina

    Tokyo Hot n0848 Pussy Idol Unit

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    Format : DVD All Regions
    Product code : G2632 Item code : n0848
    Starring : Leo Saionji Hikaru Shiina
    Studio : Tokyo Hot Series : Tokyo Hot
    Category : Creampie ,Piss ,masterbation ,Gangbang ,Toys ,irrumatio(irrumation) ,mouth ejaculation ,splash pussy ,Cleaning fellatio ,Pussy Bukkake ,Hand Job ,Vibration Machine ,speaking erotic word ,Lesbian ,creampie-duck neck ,Two actresses
    Screen Shot :
    Detailed Information
    Pussy Idol Unit
                Cum insert of continuous! Mouthful cum shot! Incontinence by stimulating the clitoris. Collaboration of two beauty girls ware realized! Reo Saionji is a obedience and docile personality as younger sister. Hikaru Shiina is a active and little bit cheeky personality with looks nice short cut hear. If two cute girl appearance that national idol group will be grow hazy. And they also love cock and has sensitive body and beautiful pussy. If they has had a sex as inevitable pregnancy they will choose take a feels good things as top priority. They are great satisfaction for been attracting attention of pissing at front of guys. We have waited that is idol meat urinal. Saionji has new to joined with the popular idol group. Senior of idol group Shiina will start training of Saionji with accompanied by men. Guys has started touch Saionjifs body immediately. She cannot against to Shiina that is why Saijo have to accept it. Then guys take Saionjifs clothes and bra off for licking her nipple. Then take her panty off to show her pussy and taking a picture as well. Then guys put little vibrator onto her clitoris for give a vibration and she has very excited and incontinence. She is so sensitive girl. Guys doesnft stop giving a vibration to her clitoris and she has incontinence again. That is a nice idol she shown a nice actions. Then Shiina give a blow job to guys by guys standing pose. This is a teaching of how to serve a body to guys to Saionji. Must see a Saionjifs facial expressions that she has think why idol have to do it like that. Then Saionji also have to giving a blow job to a guy alternating with Shiina. Shiina licking his cock and Saionji licking a his ball that is a perfect cooperation. Responsibility of two girl is too jealous. After that Shiina giving a hand job to his cock and Saionji is take by mouth semen fired. She has receive 2times semen by her mouth and eat all of them. She has just understand what they want to do. After that guys has cum shot to around Saionjifs pussy by open leg pose. Impressive look unpleasant so seriously. Then after taking a picture of Sionji Shiina has masturbating by see a picture it. She always estrus. She taking off her panty by herself and push electric massage machine to pussy by herself with feel exciting and has cum. After she has cum she doesnft want stop masturbating and she cum again. After that she give a Saionji to the guys for fun again. Guys push electric massage machine on to Saionjifs pussy by open leg pose. And she has incontinence. Shiina has great satisfaction that see a Saionji. Shiina is a cute girl but she is so lewdness. But after that will happen unexpected situation. Ofice president of Saionji has came into the room and said that intended to smash the Saionji with anger. At this time Shiina also insulted with Saionji. Guys licking Shiinafs clitoris and push electric massage machine onto her pussy by open leg pose and she has cum. Then Saionji also do it same. Then guys has order to blow job then by standing position. Guys give a his cock to two girl to deep throat. Shiina on to Saionji and guys insert his cock to two pussy by alternately. Taking a back side cow girl position and cow girl position. They has in agony with a hard stroking by guys and guys has cum insert to Shiinafs vaginal by side position. After that another guys has cum insert to her vaginal by missionary posture and Saionji also accept guys cum insert by side position. Saionji watching that semen has came out from Shiinafs pussy. Then Shiina has open her pussy by herself and pissed and she was so satisfied. Popular idol can be cum insert and pissing at front of guys. They hasnft have a private time. After that they has joined beautiful group unit and go around the national tour for cum insert by lot of people as possible. Please help them and cum insert to beautiful pussy.
    Starring : Leo Saionji Hikaru Shiina
    Duration : 01:24:10
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