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  • Tokyo Hot n0899 On the Sex Training Mayumi Kuroki Mai Takizawa

    Tokyo Hot n0899 On the Sex Training

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    Format : DVD All Regions
    Product code : G2569 Item code : n0899
    Starring : Mayumi Kuroki Mai Takizawa
    Studio : Tokyo Hot Series : Tokyo Hot
    Category : Creampie ,Gangbang ,Toys ,Vibration Machine ,speaking erotic word ,Lesbian ,creampie eating ,Licking women anal ,Two actresses
    Screen Shot : No Screen Shot
    Detailed Information
    On the Sex Training
                Co-starring two beauties that have beautiful legs and slender body. Mai Takizawa and Mayumi Kuroki is a nice women who has intense pheromone. They lab beautiful legs and want to have fun with guys. They have had cum by sex toys and hard stroking by guys cock. Takizawa has got incontinence and also Kuroki has cum as dynamic. They vacuum semen from each onefs vaginal and deep kissing each other. Takizawa had cum insert by guys 2 times and Kuroki was 2 times also. Fresh faces of cabin attendant Takizawa and Kuroki are heavy petting with captain. They want to be on board as cabin attendant to ship as soon as possible. So they taking captains clothes off and Takizawa gives deep kiss to him and licking his nipples as well. Then they lick his cock together. Two beauty has given good lips job to him. Then Takizawa taking sixty nine pose to him and Kuroki licking his balls. Then another man who is grand staff has came into the room and touch beautiful cabin attendant body. Takizawa and Kuroki started blow job to two cock and give hand job as well. They really have fun with guys cock. Then they taking open leg pose on the bed. Guys give finger fuck to her clitoris. Then captain push rotor into Takizawafs vaginal and push electric massage machine onto her clitoris. She has had cum 2 times and incontinence. On the another side of Kuroki also inserted rotor to her vaginal and push electric massage machine onto her clitoris. She has cum. Then two women all on four on the floor and inserted vibrator to vaginal and they blow job to guys cock at the same time. They really love guys cock. Then guys taking them as back side cow girl position for insert cock to vaginal with hard stroking. After guys taking off his cock from Takizawafs vaginal she has had incontinence 2 times. She cannot control herself. Then they insert cock by back side position and cow girl position with hard stroking. Then guys giving hard stroking by missionary posture. And Kuroki also insert his cock by back side position on Takizawa. Takizawa can see Kurokifs vaginal. When he taking his cock out from Kurokifs vaginal Takizawa give a blow job to his cock. And also Kuroki give blow job his cock that taking off from Takizawafs vaginal. Guys have a grad to have sex with two beauty. Then guys has cum inserted to Kurokifs vaginal. After that Takizawa has suck out semen from Kurokifs vaginal by her mouth. After that Kuroki have fun with another guys by missionary posture. Kuroki and Takizawa have deep kissing each other. Takizawa also cum inserted by guys as missionary posture. After that Kuroki has suck out semen from Takizawafs vaginal and Takizawa have fuck with another guys and cum insert as well. They share semen by kiss. After that while still semen in her mouth guys order to brushing tooth. That is looks bad smell comes out from her mouth we think. Two women who love cock and semen cannot pass exam of cabin attendant. They going to be attendant of meat urinal. They cannot on the flight they working at the basement floor for guys. They wish that one day have fun and cum insert on flight.
    Starring : Mayumi Kuroki Mai Takizawa
    Duration : 01:31:54
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