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  • Tokyo Hot n0727 Shameless RQ Shiori Satake

    Tokyo Hot n0727 Shameless RQ

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    Format : DVD All Regions
    Product code : G2727 Item code : n0727
    Starring : Shiori Satake
    Studio : Tokyo Hot Series : Tokyo Hot
    Category : Creampie ,Piss ,Gangbang ,Toys ,speculum ,irrumatio(irrumation) ,Cleaning fellatio ,Pussy Bukkake ,Semen poured ,Vibration Machine ,More than 20 creampies ,tearing pantyhose ,Licking women anal ,Creampie-doggy
    Screen Shot :
    Detailed Information
    Shameless RQ
                It loves attracting attention! It is exposed to the eyes of men and the slender RQ SHIORI SATAKE becomes more beautiful! However it is insufficient if it aims RQ to which men are satisfied. Naturally the body entertainment such as body offer and fellatio service is required. It is told her beforehand in advance that it is part of work and dropped her on cock hell. The inside of a vagina is made bubbled with semen and the atrocious insult that is exposed to a cervix and PISS SHOT explodes. The treatment below a worthless person is enough for foolish RQ which has felt inclined to be indulged. Let throw it away as same as garbage after made fuck & vaginal com shot badly. SHIORI is called to be said there is new work. The doubt that got work with a body comes to the front in a process to talk about the past career. SHIORI is surrounded by many men and is made to reproduce body offer although she denies firmly. SHIORI who is immediately pressed down in the open leg pose has torn stocking. It is made finger fuck after careful licking service was given and she begins to feel. Immediately after it is made finger fuck in the crawl on all fours and she sucks the cock taken out at hand. She licks one after another positively. It seems to be glad to suck many cocks. After all it is lewd RQ. A possibility of having offer the body from oneself is large. And then cock inserted at missionary posture and piston continues at bending side and backward woman on top posture. It is licked anal while fucking in the next woman on top posture and she faint in agony. Immediately after vaginal cum shot is made at back posture. The second cock also injected semen at back posture. After that third cock inserted at missionary posture. Men are great pleasures while being seen fuck. And they are going to scramble for insertion. SHIORI is made insertion & vaginal cum shot repeatable by three & fourth cock and total nine cum shot is made. The pussy that is poured in the semen of 12 shots in total is soppy. Furthermore she is made cleaning fellatio for twelfth cock. The RQ who stood in a circuit cool so far is this state. It is terrible. However there is the worth of the pussy offer and the next work is decided immediately after this. SHIORI who is made open leg pose after the whole body was instantly caressed by men is inserted Cuzco into a vagina. It is thickness cervix in the depths of vagina way the spread a cloudiness joy juice. It is the ground object which seems to be easy to feel. Immediately after she is surrounded by men and is made standing fellatio. Naturally this is a part of work of RQ. SHIORI licks it hard to appeal for work eagerness. Then an electric massage machine touched a pussy in an open leg pose and she feels and she exclaims and got acme. Immediately after she faints in agony to stirring with a vibs toy and she got acme again. Pussy is already soaked much. Then it is stirred with vibs toy again at standing back pose and she is made acme again. Immediately after she is surrounded by many men and is made standing fellatio one after another. As is expected it is RQ of principle that gorgeous. The state surrounded by several cocks is attractive. And then cock inserted at standing back posture. The scene which a cloudiness joy juice spread from the connecting part that fully exposed while piston is made at standing & standing missionary posture is so indecent! Future more piston continues at missionary backward woman on top and back posture and she faints in agony. Then she fingered clitoris by herself while piston is made at side posture and pants. Then cock inserted and vaginal cum shot is made one after another. The next cock inserted without the interval where semen flows backward and vaginal cum shot is made. The pussy into which the semen of a total of ten shots was poured disintegrated. She is made to squeeze the semen which was left all by a cleaning fellatio just after the vaginal cum shot. SHIORI who woke up to the consciousness as a meat urinal is the vigor of carrying out anything. Immediately after she squats down to the floor and shows PISS SHOT. She excreted a small quantity with smile though she says that it is shameful. It is seemed to be dropped on cock hell and to also destroy shame. It is over petty-minded! SHIORI shows the symptoms of semen poisoning after this. Because she goes mad if it is not make vaginal cum shot more than 20 times a day pussy is always muddy. After all she is vulgar meat urinal woman. It is a miracle that she was able to play an active part as RQ just for an instant. From now on she is got to know oneself and should devote in life like garbage.
    Starring : Shiori Satake
    Duration : 00:34:09
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