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  • Tokyo Hot n0744 Irresistible Fuck Aika

    Tokyo Hot n0744 Irresistible Fuck

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    Format : DVD All Regions
    Product code : G2550 Item code : n0744
    Starring : Aika
    Studio : Tokyo Hot Series : Tokyo Hot
    Category : Creampie ,Gangbang ,mouth ejaculation ,Cleaning fellatio ,Titty fuck ,Pussy Bukkake ,Hand Job ,Cum On tits ,Semen poured ,Vibration Machine ,More than 20 creampies ,Bukkomi ,Licking women anal ,Licking the anus of the man ,Creampie-doggy
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    Detailed Information
    Irresistible Fuck
                It is AIKA the sexy beautiful woman who is attracting attention to an unrivaled article bust line. She has the preeminent style at a tall. She is a woman who seems to be lewd obviously. A fascination degree of pheromone drifting from a whole body is the highest level! It is short pants in tank top. First of all a woman of this sort has the optimal stark nakedness although a showy dress matches well. There is the significance of being only after it is abused a pussy badly. It is polished to superb woman so as to be considered to be it if is made vaginal cum shot. It prepares brutal people more than 30 at once in order to contribute to the step-up of AIKA and it is a start of the cock training! However the pussy of AIKA who continued being fucked endlessly transformed. A body of superfine quality also overwhelmed. It became an ugly meat urinal far from superb woman. Nothing has good overdoing. AIKA makes a pose from photogravure photography with smile. Because it is preeminent style and a tall a sexy pose is the highest. However she peeps into the disgusting devil party who stands by in another room and is at a loss for words. The danger of the body is perceived instinctively. An expression freezes and she says that she wants to return. Seemingly it was deceived that it is easy work and was taken. She entreats it to do anything if she can return. Then she is made to give a tits rub service suddenly. It rubs against well-shaped dynamite tits. Immediately after it is fellatio. She also licks ball bag devotedly. It is desperate in order to leave as soon as possible. And it is mouthful cum shot from hand job service. The remaining semen is pressed out carefully. Soon after having been relieved as could come back by this she is hold by different men and is thrown in disgusting men who looked a while ago. It is severe! It is different from the promise! It was too late though she opposes it with a perplexed expression. The whole body is licked immediately. The group of the men starved for the slut body has so high a tension that it does not know to do. It is fairly dangerous. AIKA who was held in the open leg pose is mad careful licking service obstinately and she hates it seriously. Then she is sucked cock and is made double fellatio service. And it is hand job service while fellatio. The careful licking service is given at the same time and pussy gets wet. And then cock inserted at missionary posture and the vaginal cum shot is made after poked much at bending & side posture. Immediately after she is made tits rub service while she is fucked at missionary posture and also she is made to lick the anal of the man at the same time. Then cock is inserted one after another at the back posture and it is eights continues vaginal cum shot. The pussy is already muddy much. The labia meat is also transformed at the powerful piston. Immediately after it is four continues ejaculation in a vagina by the open leg pose. And it is cleaning fellatio after the cock that is covered by semen was rubbed by the bust. And the other cock inserted at bending posture at once and semen is injected. The other cock also inserted soon at missionary posture and vaginal cum shot is made. She also loses her energy to oppose and makes cleaning fellatio with assuming it light-headedness. Then other disgusting men gather. They excited to see AIKA. She is pushed four electric massage machines to the pussy and faints in agony and is made acme. Also in immediately after an electric massage machine play is continued and see got acme twice. The pussy already gets wet much. The vaginal opening continues opening. Then she gets acme again while clitoris is touching with an electric massage machine in crawl on all fours and licked clitoris at the same time. It seems that anal have also been developed. And then cock inserted at missionary posture and piston continues at bending side and back posture. Then vaginal cum shot is made at missionary posture. The second & third cock inserted soon and semen is injected. It rubs semen to the dynamite tits & cleaning fellatio. And she is pressed down in the open leg pose is inserted cock one after another and nine continues vaginal cum shot is made. She is painted semen which overflowed vagina to the whole body and is covered with semen. It does not finish yet and cock is inserted and vaginal cum shot is made at missionary posture. A piston is deeply carried out by the second third and fourth cock and it is continuation pouring. Immediately after it is cleaning fellatio. The labia meat is enlarged so as to be pitiful. AIKA becomes silent completely. A body of superfine quality deteriorates as like garbage. It is impossible to live as an honest human being from now on. It is decided bottom life that becoming plaything of men with no choice. It is unhappy even if born to a beauty with a perfect body. It savored strictness in the world some other time.
    Starring : Aika
    Duration : 01:41:46
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