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  • Tokyo Hot n0724 Global Meat Urinal Aika

    Tokyo Hot n0724 Global Meat Urinal

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    Format : DVD All Regions
    Product code : G2724 Item code : n0724
    Starring : Aika
    Studio : Tokyo Hot Series : Tokyo Hot
    Category : Bukkake ,Creampie ,Piss ,Gangbang ,Toys ,speculum ,irrumatio(irrumation) ,splash pussy ,Cleaning fellatio ,Pussy Bukkake ,Strap ,Semen poured ,Vibration Machine ,Orificium vaginae Expansion ,Bukkomi ,Piledriver T.C. semen ,Creampie-riding
    Screen Shot :
    Detailed Information
    Global Meat Urinal
                It is young hart great girl AIKA. It is beauty leg beauty tits and the body of preeminent style. In addition to a pussy being small the beauty line from vagina to a anal is particular! It wants to finger much and mess it up. The hope of the person herself is a first-class model which plays an active part worldwide thought it seems that she is a lewd girl who is likely to utter good voice when insert the cock at standing back posture. However it is a foolish woman's joke after all. It is suitability that is stirred with a stinking cock and is made covered with semen. It is treatment as a toy for semen pouring so that impudent comments can never be made and the shameful figure was exposed all over the world. It mistakes for the gateway to a fashion model "TGC" and AIKA comes for an interview. However it is "TOKYO HOT GIRLS COLLECTION" of an east heat specialty in fact. Naturally it is the basic that a fuck and vaginal cum shot. Though AKIA who is fingered body immediately and notices that it is different it is already too late. She is pressed down and is taken off clothes. A leg to want to rub one's cheek against it and the bust which seems to be sensitive is the best! It is a body of perfect proportion of superfine quality. The nipple is erected immediately it is fingered. Immediately after it is taken off the panty and clitoris is fingered by the standing back pose. Then it is finger fuck at open leg pose and the pussy is slimy. It is stirred abruptly and she is made female ejaculation! The injection interlocked with a motion of a finger is a must see. Then it is fellatio. It is excited at a suck that seems to hate it seriously! And then cock is inserted at missionary posture and piston continues at standing back and backward woman on top posture. She splashed cloudiness joy juice and faint in agony although she opposes the fuck first. The clitoris that is enlarged is also indecent. And vaginal cum shot is made at missionary posture after powerful piston. Immediately after it is cleaning fellatio. Then second cock inserted soon and semen is injected after piston is made deeply. The pussy is already mess by the semen. It is this state although it only came for the model interview. However I become more terrible after this. Other men who heard the news of capture of of-superfine-quality pussy are gather and caressed the whole body of AIKA instantly. AKIA who is fixed both hand & leg by the open leg pose is thrown a vibs toy into the pussy after she cannot escape and is fingered clitoris by the rotor toy. It is stirred and she faints in agony. Also pussy juice is splashed much. The around of urethral openings which felt too much and blushed is also indecent. She is a lascivious woman although she hates it. Immediately after clitoris is touched by the electric massage machine and it is simultaneously agitated with a vibs toy. She feels it so much and gets acme. Then Cuzco is inserted and it is exposed inside of vagina. A pink cervix is beautiful and still unhurt. It wants to keep hitting with cock and want to inject semen deeply! Immediately after AIKA who is sucked cock made hard fellatio though it has a fit of coughing repeatedly. And then cock inserted at missionary posture. And piston continues at lift hip up back missionary and side posture. Furthermore she is made piston while skinning clitoris with a finger and is made acme. Then vaginal cum shot is made at woman on top posture after the terrible piston was made at standing back bending and sitting posture. The second cock inserted immediately after the cleaning fellatio and injected semen and it is cleaning fellatio again. Immediately after third cock made vaginal cum shot at missionary posture. However it does not finish yet. Other men are gatherings as they want to taste a beauty pussy and inserted cock one after another and made five continues vaginal cum shot. Immediately after it is continuation pouring of four shots to the pussy which was extended with the extended instrument. The pussy becomes muddy with the semen of a total of nine shots. Immediately after it is made finger fuck at lift hip up pose and semen flows into the face. It is miserable. And last is standing PISS SHOT. There is neither shame nor reputation a pussy is extended with a finger and it discharges at a stretch. It is the highest meat urinal birth. A global debut is also determined by full backup of TOKYO HOT. Do your best until the stick in the world is inserted even if a hole disintegrates! It is foolish and the shameless. AIKA of the true vocation for pussy offer is glad if she can become famous for this while becoming covered with semen every day.
    Starring : Aika
    Duration : 01:32:35
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