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  • Tokyo Hot n0783 An Ideal Meat Urinal Ren Azumi

    Tokyo Hot n0783 An Ideal Meat Urinal

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    Format : DVD All Regions
    Product code : G2575 Item code : n0783
    Starring : Ren Azumi
    Studio : Tokyo Hot Series : Tokyo Hot
    Category : Bukkake ,Creampie ,Piss ,Gangbang ,Toys ,speculum ,Cleaning fellatio ,Strap ,shaved ,Anal Sex ,Anal toying ,two-hole insertion ,Semen poured ,Vibration Machine ,Blindfold ,Prevention of semen countercurrent ,injecting sperm to anus ,Facesitting girl
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    Detailed Information
    An Ideal Meat Urinal
                REN AZUMI is an erotic woman who has been born to be inserted cock. A sensitive body of preeminent style with beautiful tits loves fingering and also being fingering. Sexual perversion explodes at a hard play! She is mad with joy and whips a man. It is restrained and pushed an electric massage machine and exclaim. Of course a glabrous pussy and even anal should be stuck and she faints in agony. She is real lewd woman who still wants a cock while it is fill up vagina and the bowels with semen. It is the model of the meat urinal which expose until PISS SHOT and tempts a man. REN looks glad in front of the masochist man of two. One person is used as a chair and she sits down and makes one more person lick a leg. Then she makes two persons stand and slap the back. Earnest kick is also fired in rapid succession. It seems to be quite hard. And the face is slapped. REN seems to being fun. And men are made to crawl on all fours and it is whipping. Immediately after she mounts on the face. She is great satisfied to torment a masochist man. Then she is tormented this time. It is blindfolded and both hands are fixed behind. The pussy is already got wet. It is made finger fuck and she begins to pant. Immediately after it is careful licking service by the open leg pose and she feels much and she gets acme. Pussy is soaked much by the pussy juice. Then it is standing fellatio. Eyes to see a cock is not ordinary. It seem to want to suck it. She entreats the insertion while licking the ball bag. Then cock inserted at back posture and she faints in agony. She wiggles a waist by oneself and thoroughly enjoys a fuck. Then vaginal cum shot is made at missionary posture after backward woman on top and woman on top posture. The second cock inserted after cleaning fellatio and semen injected at missionary posture. Then third cock is also made vaginal cum shot at missionary posture. It is just for insulting in a crowd for such lewd woman. REN is caressed by four men. Then vibs toy is thrown in the pussy by the open leg pose. Clitoris is simultaneously stimulated with an electric massage machine and she faints in agony. And she gets acme. Immediately after Cuzco inserted. It is excited to the vagina road that cloudiness pussy juice overflow and a small and beautiful cervix. Then vibs toy is inserted in the crawl on all fours and vibs is simultaneously put also into anal. Two holes are stirred and she exclaims. And she is made acme. She is abnormal who is sensitive anal as well as a pussy. Then it is standing fellatio. She made to lick and hand job service for four cocks. It seems that she loves cock anyhow. And cock inserted at missionary posture. It is also inserted in anal at back posture after carrying out the piston of the pussy at back backward woman on top and woman on top posture. A piston is carried out deeply and she feels much. And cock is inserted in a pussy at woman on top posture and also it is simultaneously thrown in anal and she faints in agony. Then cock is also inserted in the pussy. It is pierced into both of pussy & anal and she faints in agony. And vaginal cum shot is made after being inserted in the pussy and stirred by a missionary posture. The second and third cock inserted soon and semen is injected continuously. It is 4 shots at missionary posture 3 shots at back posture and inside of pussy become muddy by total seven shots. It has a devil play with which it is stabbed in anal immediately after carrying out ejaculation of the 7th shot to a pussy. However it does not finish yet. Then the pouring instrument with camera is put in anal. And it is three continues semen pouring in the rectum. The inside of anal filled with the semen is very impressed! A cock is thrown in by the pussy one after another immediately after and vaginal cum shot is made. The inside of vagina becomes muddy by total seven shots. And the stopper is put to pussy & anal and she is worn the panty. Immediately after REN entreats for more semen. Then the facial cum shot is made one after another while clitoris is stimulated with an electric massage machine. The all over the face cover by semen. It seems that she had been satisfied. The last is PISS SHOT which squats down on a chair. She excretes the pee which is muddy yellow and seems to be stinking and it a refreshing expression. Doesn't she have shame? After this REN is chosen as the representative of Japan for 2 holes meat urinal. The activity to expose foolery all over the world by the OLYMPIC where meat urinals gather from all the countries of the world is expected.
    Starring : Ren Azumi
    Duration : 01:58:50
    Actresses Appear in This Movie 16
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