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  • Tokyo Hot n0831 Upper RQ Cock Lover Yu Matsuoka

    Tokyo Hot n0831 Upper RQ Cock Lover

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    Format : DVD All Regions
    Product code : G2616 Item code : n0831
    Starring : Yu Matsuoka
    Studio : Tokyo Hot Series : Tokyo Hot
    Category : Creampie ,Gangbang ,Toys ,speculum ,irrumatio(irrumation) ,Cleaning fellatio ,Intravaginal camera ,Strap ,Vibration Machine ,More than 20 creampies ,ignoring entreaty ,Facesitting girl ,Electric drill ,Bukkomi ,tearing pantyhose ,Licking women anal ,Creampie-riding
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    Detailed Information
    Upper RQ Cock Lover
                Yu Matsuoka is a good woman who has noble atmosphere of a upper rank. She has also nice slender body and beautiful legs as tall beautiful model. Live in a different world from dirty guys completely. But if she never use her beautiful vaginal that is a useless treasure. So that why dirty guys comes up and push cock insert to her vaginal. Nice her body going to be a waste immediately. Any kinds of beautiful woman is like a public toilet that is the only creature to handle the semen. Matsuoka is a very popular Race Queen. She always working hard as photographing model. One day some guys who is bill collector has came to her. She seems to have been a guarantor of the debt of the parent. Course she cannot pay a debt immediately. The stunned Matsuoka did not know anything. But guys need to pay by her beautiful body for debt. She has resist guys but they deep kissing to her. Then guys breaking the her pantyhose and take her cloth off all of them. She is a gorgeous body of a preeminent style race queen. Guys hold her both hands and legs to open leg pose and put rotor on to her clitoris. Then next they put 3 rotor in to her vaginal at same time. She has feel so excited. And guys put insert vibrator to her vaginal as well. Her vaginal was getting wet. She unwilling accept it but seems she really exciting. After that guys give a hard stroking by electric drill with vibrator on top to her vaginal. She faints in agony with a body shake. And she has feel so excited with electric massage machine. Then that is nice looks about vaginal juice has comes out. After that guys put video camera into her vaginal to see inside of her vaginal. Itfs so wet at inside and seems be a good feel and works. Then guys put csuco insert to her vaginal also. Can see more clearly. Then guys push his cock in to her mouth for blow job with holding her head to deep throat. She going to be change to meat urinal. Then guys insert his cock to her vaginal by missionary posture without condom. Bent over position standing position standing back side position side position and cow girl position. She feel so exciting. Then after that she doesnft want cum inside but guys doesnft listen her and cum shooting to inside of her vaginal. Then after clean up guys cock by blow job another guys has insert his cock to her vaginal. Then guys cum shoot by missionary posture. Her vaginal has covered by guys semen. After that she has bring to another place by guys. Itfs all of for debt repayment. She cannot refuse it. Matsuoka has deep kissing by dirty guys and taking a open leg pose and they licking her clitoris and also licking anal as well. She has excited. Then next she has taking cow girl position on guys face and licking her vaginal. She give a blow job to another guys cock. Then she taking a 3cocks to suck at same time. Itfs good looking that she taking a deep throating for 3guys. Then she has accept insert cock to her vaginal by back side position. Back side cow girl position missionary posture and side position. Guys taking a hard stroking to her. She looks doesnft like to do but feel so exciting actuary. She is just an obscene woman. Then guys cum shoot by cow girl position. Then next another guys cum shooting by missionary posture. After she cleaned up his cock by blow job another guys insert his cock to her vaginal by missionary posture and cum shoot as well. After that guys has wrap her by plastic wrap and discarded to dumpsite. Then some another guys who living around dumpsite has found her and touch her body. She was so fear them but she open her legs and she accept guys fuck. Then all guys has cum insert to her vaginal total 15times. Then she discarded again. She never go mainstream again. Some time guys who was fun of her has found Matsuoka. But they doesnft like her very much already. She is a one of objects of filth already. Itfs really short time that woman has got beauty.
    Starring : Yu Matsuoka
    Duration : 01:47:53
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