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  • Tokyo Hot n0782 Rectum Cum Shot Yui Kyono

    Tokyo Hot n0782 Rectum Cum Shot

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    Format : DVD All Regions
    Product code : G2578 Item code : n0782
    Starring : Yui Kyono
    Studio : Tokyo Hot Series : Tokyo Hot
    Category : Bukkake ,Creampie ,Piss ,masterbation ,Gangbang ,Toys ,irrumatio(irrumation) ,Cleaning fellatio ,Intravaginal camera ,shaved ,Anal Sex ,Anal Creampie ,two-hole insertion ,Peeping Pussy ,Vibration Machine ,speaking erotic word ,Facesitting girl
    Screen Shot :
    Detailed Information
    Rectum Cum Shot
                The figure which smiles in a school uniform is the angel itself! It is YUI KYONO who is the pure and innocent beautiful girl of innocent character. It is beautiful tits and glabrous pussy! It is so nice. It is too miserable that such a pure girl is made unreasonable with a dirty. Moreover it is made even vaginal cum shot and anal is wrenched open and it is made devil piston! Not only it was poured semen into an anal but also it is the humiliation play exposed in appearance that the inside of the rectum is filled with a sperm with an anal pouring camera! The continuation incontinence and PISS SHOT while fucking also must see. The beautiful girl who did not know the dirt became the ugly lump of flesh in no time. YUI cannot bear and makes PISS SHOT in the crevice between buildings. Although she feels relived as did not make panty wet men took a sneak photo of the figure. And she is threatened by using sneak photo as the material. It is ruin of the life when a figure of PISS SHOT is exposed to the world. YUI follows men reluctantly. The finger fuck is made in an open leg pose immediately and clitoris is also stimulated simultaneously. Although labia meat is picked up and it is lengthened she cannot oppose. It is miserable. Then a finger is thrust into anal. It is stirred powerfully and it is agonizing expression. Also the finger fuck is made at the same time and she faints in agony. Two pure holes are made to expand. And she is made standing fellatio. It is also double fellatio after being pushed in deeply. She also responses the unreasonable demand. And then cock inserted at back posture. Also cock is thrust into anal at missionary posture after hard piston. The anus is narrow and it does not enter to the back easily. However it inserts deeply and she is in agony. Immediately after it is pierced also in a pussy and the piston of the two holes is carried out by turns. Anal and pussy has been made piston severely and become loose. Then cock inserted in a pussy at woman on top posture and also cock inserts in anal at the same time and it is 2 holes fuck! YUI utters the gasp voice that seems to groans and feel it. Then cock inserted into the pussy while cock is skewered in anal at woman on top posture. Immediately after she expresses a pleasant sensation of 2 holes simultaneous fuck with a steep look. A pretty beautiful girl was awakened to an abnormal. And the piston of the two holes is carried out by turns at side posture and semen is injected into anal. The second cock inserted into pussy immediately and it inserted into anal after hard piston. And semen is injected into anal. Anal is soppy. However she is immediately surrounded by other men and fingered. She has been held in the open leg pose and fucked at woman on top posture. Then it is stimulated powerfully and it is vaginal cum shot. At the same time she made female ejaculation. She also made female ejaculation when it is stimulated by second cock. It seems that she cannot be controlled. Where the first purity is gone rally? It is too erotic. Immediately after a pouring camera is pierced in anal and semen is poured in. The shock image soiled with thick semen in the inside of the rectum is a must to see! Then it is made 3 facial cum shot while requested to blow a vertical flute. It is already unreasonable. And a rotor toy is pushed in a vagina by the open leg pose and clitoris is simultaneously stimulated with an electric massage machine. Immediately after it is agitated with a vibs toy and she get acme. Then a test tube is pushed in and all over the inside is exposed with the camera in a vagina. The indecency of inside of vagina which is soaked with pussy juice is splendid. And cock inserted at missionary posture after standing fellatio. And vaginal cum shot is made at woman on top posture after back & standing back posture. The second cock made vaginal cum shot at back posture after cleaning fellatio. The third cock made vaginal cum shot at missionary posture. The vaginal opening is opened greatly. Then cock is thrown in at the lift hip up pose one after another. And 5 vaginal cum shot is made continuously. Immediately after Cuzco is inserted. And it is exposed a crimson cervix and the vagina which is covered with semen. And finger fuck is made and she is poured mixture juice that is mixed pussy juice & back flow semen even to the face and she becomes silent. She wears a uniform which she wore again and is let leave. The last is PISS SHOT which is made by the state that has been held in the open leg pose and the vaginal opening was extended with the finger. She made PISS SHOT for long time. It is pussy juice semen and pee. It is too dirty! It is not believed that this was a beautiful girl. There is no significance of being in such a goddamn woman. Bury it in the soil soon and use it feed for the microbe!
    Starring : Yui Kyono
    Duration : 01:40:03
    Actresses Appear in This Movie 6
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