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  • Japanese Super Idols Gold 21 Hitomi Hasegawa,Syouko Mikami

    Japanese Super Idols Gold 21

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    Format : DVD All Regions
    Product code : G154
    Starring : Hitomi Hasegawa ,Syouko Mikami
    Studio : JapanX
    Category : lesbian
    Screen Shot : No Screen Shot
    Detailed Information
    Hitomi Hasegawa and her lesbian friend Shoko Mikami's back again to perform another rare Japanese lesbian scene (actually 2 scenes) we've been waiting for. But that's not it, knowing that Hitomi's a cock loving slut, there's also a 3p scene here with Hitomi and two guys that's so hardcore yet totally satisfying. And now, this is all directed from the award winning director Kenji Yamashita who mastered the arts of wicked camera angles and techniques that captures the best aspect of a female body in so many different perspectives, so we know for sure nothing's left behind or hidden! So what happens when Kenji collaborate with Hitomi Hasegawa, AKA the horniest girl in Japan? Lots of screaming orgasms...
    There's one major sex scene in this film with Hitomi Hasegawa and two guys. Here, Hitomi's shown in a room wearing a pink striped P.E uniform like the ones that we used to wear back in high school. She's with two guys and they seem to be having a good time fooling around and talking, trying to get to know each other. And soon after they've got to know each other better, one of the guys punches his finger into Hitomi's pussy, trying to make Hitomi squirt. So he pumps, pumps...while Hitomi yells out "Ah...AHHH!!!!", she then squirts a little bit, but she refuses to do it anymore since it's too embarrassing to go on. So instead, she insists on sucking on their cocks, so the huge Asian cock comes popping out and she's sucking on them using some crazy maneuvers. And then after enough cock sucking, now the guys rotate around fucking her pussy and pushing the cock into her mouth respectively. As they pump her, they rotate around, switching positions and they finally busts nut right on her chest and one into her mouth. And from looking at Hitomi's big smile after all this, we know for sure she's had enough.
    There are two lesbian scenes in this movie with Hitomi Hasegawa and her girlfriend, Shoko Mikami. Usually in Japanese film, the lesbian partners for the main star are in most cases quite ugly, but Shoko is definitely an exception where she's one fine ass lady. She's got this amazing smooth vanilla skin with long luscious legs and a beautiful face that could be actually even prettier than Hitomi in my opinion. But anyhow, the sex scenes between these two ladies are incredible.
    First lesbian scene has Hitomi and Shoko using this super long two way dildo where they fuck each other with in various positions. And from seeing the way Shoko push the dildo into Hitomi's pussy and mouth, she's obviously the aggressor here even though she's the less experienced one. Shoko then controls the show by pushing and fucking Hitomi in all kinds of ways where at the other end, Hitomi's shown lain with things going inside of her held prisoner to Shoko's outstanding techniques.
    From the following lesbian scene, Shoko demands Hitomi to be the aggressor, so Hitomi slowly undresses Shoko and lots of kissing and tongue tying deep French kissing goes on while their hands squeeze the hell out of each other's toned out curvy bodies. And soon after, Hitomi gets this strap on dildo from no where and she begins to fuck Shoko with it. As the big black dildo penetrates Shoko, she screams and twists her lower body in every direction as if she's trying to fit into a size 0 dress. And after Hitomi's fucked Shoko enough, Hitomi wants the dildo in her pussy now. So Shoko puts the thing on, fucks her for a long time and now they're both totally wasted as if they've taken couple rounds of vodka. After this scene, Hitomi says "This dildo's so nice, I want it"
    In this film there's this one bonus scene where Hitomi's shown in a schoolgirl uniform on with her socks up high, her legs spread open, tied to a chair with a guy standing next to her with a big smile on his face along with erotic tools beside him like vibrator, two different types of massager, oil, and a huge dildo. And he begins to test Hitomi's pussy with all these tools... 
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