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  • Japanese Super Idols Vol. 23 Gang Bang Edition Sakura Sakurada

    Japanese Super Idols Vol. 23 Gang Bang Edition

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    Format : DVD All Regions
    Product code : G019 Item code : JPN-1823
    Starring : Sakura Sakurada
    Studio : JapanX
    Category : gangbang ,Super Star ,Big breasts
    Screen Shot : No Screen Shot
    Detailed Information
    This could well be the crowning work of Sakura Sakurada's career! Never has she accomplished such hardcore scenes EVER before in her life and it's all captured from mosaic-free camera work that's ever so crisp and clean. Not sure why a superstar like Sakura Sakurada's doing such unbelievable hardcore scenes, but I have to admit, it's pretty darn good.
    Sex Scene (Creampie)
    If there's one girl in Japan who can pull off this purple satin dress, it has to be Sakura Sakurada. Usually, it'll look either crazy or obese for someone in lighter tone of skin wearing such purple fabric but that's not the case here for Sakura as her mocha tanned skin looks splendid in em with sexy black stockings to go along with it. From this scene, Sakura's shown with Maeda, a famous male performer infamously known in Japan for his ways in fucking girls deep and hard from various circus positions. Not to mention his unlikely monstrous Japanese cock.
    So the scene starts, and the two begin to caress and kiss each other happily and madly. While Sakura's ruby lipstick smudges against Maeda's lips, he goes down on her natural C-cup breasts that's well shaped with grapy nipples. Some wild licking, sucking, and squeezing goes on here and you can clearly see that the two have now forgotten completely about the cameras. And soon after much caressing has taken part, Maeda now gives Sakura's vagina a great lesson of oral techniques which soon is followed by a finger digging action that catches Sakura by surprise. Is he trying to find something here?
    Anyhow, next follows the sex that is very rare since it's performed all without a condom which is very unlike Japanese. And as he beats on her pussy with his swollen hard Japanese cock, he picks her up, mounts her on his cock, fucks her, throws her back down and then fucks her again in various positions. And finally, the cock inside of Sakura's pussy jerks around in several rounds and it starts to shrink. Yes, he came inside of her. She then stands up, spreads her leg and the camera goes underneath to capture the creampie shot. And as Sakura gave a little push to the hips, the cum started to run down on to the camera lens. She then leans over, licks the camera lens, and eats the cum with a huge smirk on her face.
    Gang Bang (20 men + Sakura)
    In this scene, Sakura Sakurada's shown in a sexy nurse outfit with white stockings wrapped around her legs. She's with 18 random guys with eagerly burning eyes staring down at her. Then soon, main two guys step into the scene where they begin to feel up on Sakura's body as the others start to join in. Then hands from basically "everywhere" removes her clothing and she's now shown only with her nurse hat and stocking on. Then the two main guys step into the scene and they take turn on fucking her and right when the first guy blasted his cum on her, the second guy comes in to fuck her while the other 18 starts to jerk off besides him. And soon, the 18 start to blast their cum respectively onto Sakura and by the time the second guy came onto her, Sakura was already raincoated full with cum like one of those people from Nickelodeon channel, except with white slime.
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