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  • Car Sex Vol.01 Anna Miyashita

    Car Sex Vol.01

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    Format : DVD All Regions
    Product code : G076
    Starring : Anna Miyashita
    Studio : JapanX
    Category : super star ,beautiful face
    Screen Shot : No Screen Shot
    Detailed Information
    Is there anyone who's wetter than Anna Miyashita? Every time I see her juicy wet pussy, it amazes me more an more. At first, I thought the things that are coming out of her vagina were fake. I never knew a vagina could get this wet. And also, the white milky thing that's coming out of vagina was something I've also never seen before. But as she did this over and over again, I come to realize that it was all real. Now, from this new series from JapanX studio, see the intimate side of Anna Miyashita as she heavily gets fucked...inside a CAR!!
    Sex in the Car
    Inside a moving van, Anna Miyashita's shown with a light blue jean jacket along with a matching cute black top and bottom on. She's sitting on the backseat of the van with some guy besides her. For a little bit they fool around, giggling and laughing but this soon ends when the guy begins to play around with Anna's vagina. As he strokes her clits up and down, Anna becomes extremely wet and horny as she moans and twists her body like a salmon. He does this for awhile but suddenly he becomes very tired as he falls into a sleep. But one thing for sure, Anna didn't want to stop there. So she unzips the cameraman's zippers down, pulls out his cock and blows on it while the other guy's sleeping next to her. Then soon the guy next to her wakes up and then he realizes that he was missing out so he fucks her.
    Sex at a Motel
    In this scene, Anna's shown with some guy at a motel. There's no wasting time here as the sex quickly starts when the guy pushes her down to the mattress. Then he tackles her, nibbles her ear and neck and then strips her clothes off one by one. And finally her teal laced white panties and bras are shown. Then the guy plays around with these for a bit but this even comes off after couple minutes. And now, she's shown totally naked with her pussy already wet. The guy then plays with her pussy, makes it more wet, and then eats it out. After that, he pulls out his cock, fucks her in five positions and then finishes her off with a blast to the... 
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