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  • Japanese Super Idols Vol. 22 Ran Asakawa

    Japanese Super Idols Vol. 22

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    Format : DVD All Regions
    Product code : G033 Item code : JPN-1822
    Starring : Ran Asakawa
    Studio : JapanX
    Category : super star ,beautiful face ,Big breasts
    Screen Shot : No Screen Shot
    Detailed Information
    This is such a controversial film. Not only because Ran Asakawa's starting in it, but because of the movie's bizarre storyline. From this Super Idol #22, Ran Asakawa plays a married woman with a kid. But the relationship is not too swell with her husband where he'll force her to have sex which denies of but eventually complies with. Then her kid, who appears to be a teenager, constantly dreams of fucking his own mother. And one day, as the son masturbates in his room, out of the blue, Ran walks into his room with her eyes on fire, sits on his bed, and spreads her legs open, desperately wanting him inside of her. This means that if she's ever pregnant, the son will gain a brother and a son at the same time. What is this world coming to?
    There are total of two sex scenes in this movie. Both of them stars Ran Asakawa (of course), but from the first one, she fucks her husband and then from the second, her own son.
    From the first sex scene, she's shown on the bed trying to go to sleep. But her husband thinks different. He reaches in, starts to rub on her bush and toosh. She then refuses, karate blocking away all his moves. Then he uses a little more force and now, she's shown pinned down on the bed with his slimy tongue inside her pussy nibbling and swimming around. While he begins to suck and squeeze her smooth succulent body, her defense slowly fades as her pussy soaks wet. And suddenly, she's shown breathing hard with her legs and pussy open, letting his Japanese cock perforate into her soft vagina. And then the fucking begins and he really pounds her deep and hard in various positions where even some love-holding is shown which she can't get enough of.
    And then there's the second sex scene which is with Ran and her own son. In this scene, Ran's son is shown masturbating from his P.O.V. Right when he starts to work himself with a vibrating massager, Ran Asakawa walks into his room with a white top and black skirt on with tight little beige stocking wrapped around her plump thighs. She then stares right into his eyes and says, "Do you wanna fuck me?" Then the son begins to really eat the shit out of her like a starved bum from Manhattan and then the pounding starts.
    Here, from a POV angle, Ran Asakwa's shown with sexy red bra and panties on getting her pussy fucked by dildos and then at the end, she receives massive loads of cum all over and down her face
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