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  • Tokyo Hot n0613 Cramp Pussy Seara Hoshino

    Tokyo Hot n0613 Cramp Pussy

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    Format : DVD All Regions
    Product code : G2778 Item code : n0613
    Starring : Seara Hoshino
    Studio : Tokyo Hot Series : Tokyo Hot
    Category : Bukkake ,Creampie ,Piss ,Gangbang ,Toys ,speculum ,mouth ejaculation ,splash pussy ,Pussy Bukkake ,Strap ,Semen poured ,Bondage ,Drinking Semen ,Vibration Machine ,Bukkomi ,two cocks in one pussy
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    Detailed Information
    Cramp Pussy
                Cramp Pussy SEARA HOSHINO is a nymph whom the miniskirt suits well with beauty leg. An elastic Bakunyuu is also attractive. The hobby is a drive. It could not be expected that SEARA of vital & bright personality becomes the prey of the -looking cock! The insulting starts due to the traffic accident that that occurred by one's carelessness. She is straight to the hell of consecutive vaginal cum shot after it is fucked thoroughly by incomprehensible men. The beauty pussy that is made devil play of two cock insertion simultaneously is tattered. And she fell to the meat slave whom the urination appearance suited well. SEARA bumps the car that runs ahead from behind by inattention on the part of the driver during the driving of the car. The two men of a car in front are hurt. The men edge up to SEARA furiously. Though she apologizes earnestly and avoids the police case somehow but it was the woman to have bad luck in fact. Men are the devil parties of the woman hunting specialty. Later SEARA visits men's houses with the cake of the apology. The men fly into a rage with a poor box of cake. And they demand SEARA to show the pussy. SEARA who is pushed men's power takes off panties unwillingly and shows a pussy. However men who are not satisfy by seeing pussy and get excited demand masturbation. SEARA begins to finger the pussy reluctantly with the small vibs toy that is passed. Anal goes into convulsions at the same time as stimulating the clitoris too. The pant voice gradually grows too and she gets acme. It seems that the potential of the meat slave is enough as she gets acme in front of strange men immediately. Immediately after SEARA is pushed cock into the intraoral and licks two cocks alternately. It is an indecent heavy fellatio with full of the slaver. And then cock inserted at backward woman on top posture. She faints in agony to an intense piston at back & bending posture. They are many men in surroundings at the same time. They hear the information of prey capture and gathered. The body is made the presence and men of the excitement climax throw a cock into the pussy and starts fucking. It is stimulated and continues vaginal cum shot is made one after another. SEARA is poured semen one after another and total seven cum shot was made faunally. Moreover the cock immediately after the ejaculation is thrown in to the intraoral and she is made cleaning fellatio. The intraoral and pussy become muddy much by semen. In addition it is shameful play that careful licking service to muddy pussy. However the insult was not over in this. The car that SEARA had bumped from behind was actually men's borrowed things and separately had the owner. SEARA is made to go to apologize by the owner of the car as the semen covering. Owner's men are fascinated in body of SEARA and she is made to pay the compensation for the accident by the body. It is made taking off clothes immediately and the vibs toy is thrown in to the pussy. The clitoris is stimulated at the same time with the electric massage machine and she faint in agony and gets acme. The vibs toy is deeply inserted in the vagina continuously and it stirs much. SEARA is made to have acme again and the mega vibs toy is inserted in a drenched pussy. The clitoris is touched at the same time with the electric massage machine and she ejaculates. The lower half of the body goes into convulsions and she gets acme again. She pants the continuing two electric massage machine actions. Anal & pussy have been cramped and lower half of the body convulsion. Immediately after it is incontinence! The gush doesn't stop! It is drenched between groins. The meat slave nature is finally blooming. Immediately after Cuzco is inserted and it is exposed in the vagina. It is exposed a small & lovely uterine ostium in contrast with bold incontinence. Immediately after the cock is thrown in to the intraoral and she is made to suck many cocks in faint expressions. And then cock inserted at missionary posture and posed continuously at bending side back and woman on top posture. SEARA is fucked severely and she is immediately before the limit. In addition two cocks are inserted by M leg backward woman on top posture at the same time and she ejaculates. An enlarged pussy is pitiful. And the cock is thrown in again in missionary posture and the piston is done. After this it repeats vaginal cum shot and cleaning fellatio. It is ten continuous vaginal cum shot hell that cannot imagine when to end. The pussy is in a mess and it is the horrible situation. Immediately after one leg is raised by the standing pose and it is a large amount of PISS SHOT by expanding the pussy by the finger. She feels it before excretes and made pant voice. It is completion of the abnormal meat slave who cannot satisfy it with usual sex. SEARA is exhibited to the slut body auction after this. It will be life of exposing the pussy through life in the future. It is an origin of the traffic slogan "Pussy life of attention in one second". n0613 Hoshino Seara Seara Hoshino New Original Movie Bukkake Creampie Piss Gangbang Toys speculum mouth ejaculation splash pussy Pussy Bukkake Strap Semen poured Bondage Drinking Semen Vibration Machine Bukkomi two cocks in one pussy Casual Wear  F???     ??? ??  ??????  ??: ??1?
    Starring : Seara Hoshino Duration : 00:35:40
    Actresses Appear in This Movie 2
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