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  • Tokyo Hot n0599 Premium Meat Urinal Mio Kuraki

    Tokyo Hot n0599 Premium Meat Urinal

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    Format : DVD All Regions
    Product code : G2761 Item code : n0599
    Starring : Mio Kuraki
    Studio : Tokyo Hot Series : Tokyo Hot
    Category : Bukkake ,Creampie ,office ,Gangbang ,Toys ,mouth ejaculation ,Restroom ,splash pussy ,Pussy Bukkake ,Strap ,Semen poured ,Drinking Semen ,Vibration Machine ,Bukkomi ,tearing pantyhose ,Car ,Creampie-doggy
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    Detailed Information
    Premium Meat Urinal
                Premium Meat Urinal Achievements up and duties expansion. Or how will be beautiful OL which TOKYO HOT dispatches for the morale improvement of the employee. A beautiful long leg in a slender body is also enough charm. The highest splendid woman MIO KURAKI is super recommended. It is all processes from the customer's body entertainment to the care for all members of the staff' cock. It is possible to correspond to various businesses as a fucking round of courtesy calls. It is made vaginal cum shot severely and has trained to the masochist constitution to writhes by the overwork of the pussy. The reservation is being received now. Please try the beauty pussy which is sensitive constitution by all means! A day of MIO starts from the customer's entertainment. Car sex mania's customer's man gets in the rear seat of the car with MIO takes down trousers suddenly and exposes a cock. Immediately after MIO sucks cock and starts the fellatio. She stimulates an urethral opening with a tongue with it being ordered. A man who gets excited takes off clothes of MIO and made deep kiss. The man who was excited more to see a pussy that a small amount of pubic hair grows in Mons pubis inserts cock at missionary posture. There is the traffic of the bicycle too and she is fucked by the various postures as woman on top back and backward woman on top as a state completely exposed to view from the outdoors. And then vaginal cum shot is made at side posture. Immediately after the vaginal orifice that opened greatly like the cave is too obscene. Immediately after MIO begins the following work in the lavatory. Employees' cock immediately before urination is politely taken out and it is important work to support it gently until urination ends. She sucks it and made fellatio if it is requested. The thing that fucked at standing back posture immediately after is also not unusual. In addition it can be inserted in an excited employee at standing back posture when she works as a tea maker in hot water supply room. She must not refuse it in the demand of the fuck at any moment either. In addition MIO helps employee's health care. It is the first work in the afternoon to become the target of exercise of continues fuck after a meal of the employee troubled with lack of physical activity. It being repeated fuck and vaginal cum shot four times at missionary posture. The employee refreshed head & body. MIO is satisfied with worthwhile work very much while soaking pussy. A favorite sweet was given to MIO at the continuing break time. Employees ejaculate one after another on tongue of MIO who opens mouth and waits for sweet. Ten totals hit it directly. In addition she sucks cock after ejaculation and made cleaning fellatio. The semen collected in the intraoral is vomited on the plate it returns to the intraoral again and she drinks it gladly while tasting it. It is excited at a gap with a pretty face! And the continuing work is presentation at the conference. The theme of the conference is insult. It is the most proud field of the meat urinal MIO. She is restricted both hands and legs and is fitted in the collar while the directors of the company are watched. Immediately after the panty is stripped off by the open leg pose and pussy is greatly opened. The rotor toy is thrown in to the vagina and clitoris is stimulated at the same time and she faints in agony. The lower half of the body is gone into convulsions by the continuing finger fuck and she is made acme. Immediately after it is stirred with the vibs toy and she is made acme again. In addition the mega vibs toy is inserted by crawl on all fours and she ejaculates and she is made again. She drips the joy juice that becomes cloudy to the act of the continuing electric massage machine and writhes. She is made acme continuously as many as two times. Immediately after cock inserted at missionary posture. It deeply pierces at bending back and backward woman on top posture and she felt it. And then vaginal cum shot is made at lift hip up pose. And second cock inserted soon and it is repeated insertion & vaginal cum shot three times. Presentation is a great success. In addition the all members of the staff' comforts after 5 is left to MIO. The cock is thrown in to MIO by the open leg pose one after another by employees who finish working and vaginal cum shot is made repeatedly. The pussy where was poured in total ten semen into collapses. Immediately after it is made finger fuck by lift hip up pose and the joy juice and semen is spouted and she faints in agony. MIO hopes for the retirement while being soaked the whole body. An expression of the agony is impressive. After this MIO is given re-further training. She ties with the collar and is fucked every day. The food is semen three times a day. It seems to become a lewd recently so as to want it with hung down a large amount of slaver just to have watched a cock. n0599 Kuraki Mio Mio Kuraki New Original Movie Actress of the topic High-End Actress Bukkake Creampie office Gangbang Toys mouth ejaculation Restroom splash pussy Pussy Bukkake Strap Semen poured Drinking Semen Vibration Machine Bukkomi tearing pantyhose Car Creampie-doggy Female Office Worker Magazine model  D???     ??? ??????  ??  ???: ?OL<br />
    Starring : Mio Kuraki
    Duration : 01:32:53
    Actresses Appear in This Movie 5
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