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  • JapanX Cum Together Vol. 1

    JapanX Cum Together Vol. 1

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    Detailed Information
    Starring: Risa Mochida/Aiko Hamada/Nami Shirogane(Mai Akabane) 
    Director: Kenji Yamashita
    SKU: JPN2601
    Length: 120 Minutes
    Language: Japanese 
    JapanX, the new studio for Japanese hardcore movies today released its anxiously awaited new hardcore series "Cum TogetherTM". It was originally rumored that the series title had something to do with the major John Lennon/Beatles hit that had the reprise verse "One and one and one is three - Got to be good-looking 'cause he's so hard to see - Come together right now over me." And there is a youthful exuberance that is very "Beatles-like" in this movie directed by the multi talented Kenji Yamashita. Yamashita did admit that he has always been turned on by the line "Come together right now over me" and it came to him when he saw two of the girls get soaked when shooting one of the cum swapping scenes. 
    He explained. "In most hard core American and European flicks, the cum swap takes place after a guy has shot off in one chick's mouth, and she leans over another chick, and lets it drip into that chick's mouth ? sort of a cum fountain. I wanted it to drip from pussy to mouth and then maybe back into pussy again. It didn't work. I don't know what you'll call it, but it's really hot." 
    The girls ? who started calling themselves "Kenji's Babes" are Aiko Hamada, Risa Mochida and Mai Akabane. Here's a summary breakdown of the scenes and an idea of what you will see. 
    Scene One: 
    In a cool room, we have 6 dudes and three chicks ? Aiko Hamada, Mai Akabane, and Risa Mochida. (Aiko is back by popular demand from her amazing work in JapanX's X Mode Vol. 1 and Risa was in Tokyo Cream Pie Vol. 1). The girls are amateurs and have a great zest for living and seem to see sex as a fun and wild experience. There is a bit of chatting and flirting but no story at all ? just some young lovers getting ready to party down. The clothes come off in a wholly natural way and then the dicks come out, and the girls get started on phase one. They know about sucking dick and this is some very good and very real footage with nothing fake. 
    And then the fucking starts and this is pretty intense. The camera work is all POV so it moves in and out of the writhing couples with style and grace. You can actually feel the heat building up (the scene is 48 minutes) and this takes us into the Cream Pie climax where there are seven vaginal cream pies! That's a lot for pros to take and almost impossible for amateurs. But this fantastic scene isn't over. The girls start letting the cream pies drip out of the pussies into the mouths of their girlfriends who are lying in wait. This is where "Come together right now over me!" happens. Damned good scene. 
    Scene Two: 
    In this scene (49 minutes long) there are three dudes and two babes ? Yumi Shirhaishi and Ayako Matsuura - with two sweet vaginas waiting for their loads. This time, there are some toys and vibes thrown into the mix and we see how the girls like their clits and tits played with. Then the girls suck the guys, sometimes including all three and sometimes a dude hangs back or helps spread the legs. The fucking is very intense and happens in about ten different positions. Each guy deposits a huge pussy cream pie and then the party starts to fade. If you'?re freak goes for amateur flicks, this one will get you hard and keep you hard. 
    Bonus Scene One: 
    Remember the three hotties from the first scene. Here they are again but warming up for that scene. No guys, so they have to make do with some great dildo and vibe work. It is a nice, well shot lesbian scene and it's a good way to say goodbye to the three girls who were such cum guzzling sluts. And here you can see why since they love the vibes so much, they went ape when the real dicks hooked on to real studs showed up. 
    Bonus Scene Two: 
    This is really great! The same three chicks start arguing about the merits and faults of the vibes. Which ones feel great, which ones miss the buzz spots, which ones feel better than dicks and so on. Hey guys! If you've never heard chicks really rap about what turns their sex buzzers on, don't miss this fantastic scene. 
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