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  • JapanX  Cum Together Vol. 2 Aiko Hamada,Nami Shirogane,Remi Aoi

    JapanX Cum Together Vol. 2

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    Format : DVD All Regions
    Product code : A117
    Starring : Aiko Hamada ,Nami Shirogane ,Remi Aoi
    Category : VCD
    Screen Shot : No Screen Shot
    Detailed Information
    If there was such thing as the "Oscar Awards" in porn industry, this hardcore movie will sweep off all the awards. Whether it's the direction, performance, editing, or whatever it maybe, Cum Together Vol.2 is a film with the rare combination of hardcore with passion that shocks the audiences. You'll for sure to be astonished and rock hard after you see this.
    Film One
    The film starts as five gorgeous honeys enter an audition to become X-mode's campaign girl. Soon the girls squeeze into very tight X-mode T-shirts that barely hold their breasts in. Then the interviewers step into the scene and they demand the girls to do some unimaginable things. In order to become the campaign girl, these girls must do as the interviewers demands, which is to please them. So the cocks come flying in and the mouths are being opened. Now as the cock goes for nice body-dipping into the girl's mouths, it gets out of control as it begins to dive into every opening holes it sees. Soon, the whole scene turns chaotic like a jungle while the male-actors ignore the director's direction as they let their emotions loose. As the scene comes to an end, you'll be seeing five tight pussies leaking with cum. Yes, this is Japanese porn.
    Film Two
    From this film two, you'll get to see a Japanese-style orgy party like you've never witnessed before. Honestly, there wasn't a much direction involved in this scene. All the director did was throw FIVE sexy nurses along with pussy-thirsty perverts who knew exactly what to do. Since this scene was shot from a small room, there was no hiding or dodging of any sort here. So the girls open up and get cock in all positions like bunch of whores. And as the scene progresses the girls get hyped up into the sex as they begin to even kiss one another! Now it's totally out of control with a finale that ends with unforgettable creampies!
    Honestly, "Cum Together Vol.2" is so great in every aspect that it'll make you drop tears. Right from the start off the movie, it'll carry the audiences into the world of hardcore where no pussies are left dry without cum. While the top of the line camera captures every movement uncensored, audiences will have no choice but to pull out their burritos and unwrap it's cover once again. This is one movie that will touch not only your cocks but also your hearts; it's very "touching", if you know what I mean. Who says sequels can't be better!! Just experience the hype that makes people cum together!! 
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