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  • Tokyo Hot n1245 n1246 Sexy Announcer Meat Urinal Debut =Part 1= =Part 2= Miori Matsuoka

    Tokyo Hot n1245 n1246 Sexy Announcer Meat Urinal Debut =Part 1= =Part 2=

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    Format : DVD All Regions
    Product code : G2764 Item code : n1245
    Starring : Miori Matsuoka
    Studio : Tokyo Hot Series : Tokyo Hot
    Category : Creampie ,Gangbang ,Toys ,Cleaning fellatio ,Vibration Machine ,lotion ,announcer ,tearing pantyhose ,Vibrator ,Blow Job ,Kiss ,Hand Job ,Toy ,Electric Massage Machine ,Standing Back
    Screen Shot : No Screen Shot
    Detailed Information
    Sexy Announcer Meat Urinal Debut =Part 1=
                She has just finish her work today and her senior called and bring her to his place. They feel like a sweet mood. Kiss and hug together. Also takes some of photo while they kiss by themselves. One day she training of announcement with her another senior, her boss come and ask about some of phot on the net. She has to apologize to him but he need more deeply apologize. Colleague staff deep kiss her and lick her ears and face.He tear her clothes and show her beautiful breast. He struggle her breast and her boss need apologize more.Then he bring her to the couch and drop lotion to her butt. He rub his cock onto her butt and another more guys comes up to her. They tear her panty hose and cut her panty as well. Guys gives finger fuck to her pussy and lick it.Also another guys put rotor onto her nipples and clitorises at the same time. They push two rotors into her pussy and she has cum immediately. After that guys push vibrator into her pussy with hard stroking and shaking. Also put electric massage machine onto her nipples and clitorises.Then, guys bring up her and another guys cum shoot to her pussy as after another. After that she has to clean up all of guys cock by her blow job.
    Starring : Miori Matsuoka
    Duration : 01:11:07
    Sexy Announcer Meat Urinal Debut =Part 2=
    Miori Matsuoka are an intimate relationship with a senior announcer has discovered. She has to apology to her boss and another staff with offering her body as sex treatment. 
    Guys insert her pussy cock and gives hard stroking. She also has to blow job another guy’s cock while fucking. He takes her as cow girl position and she has to open her pussy by herself and rub clitorises.
    Three guys insert cock to her mouth for blow job. She gives hand and blow job with crying. One guys insert his cock to her pussy by doggy style and holding her one leg.
    After that guys bring her onto the mattress and one guys insert his cock to her vaginal by missionary posture with hard stroking. And he takes her as doggy style. He cum shoot to her pussy. After he cum she has to clean up his dirty cock by her blow job. 
    Another guys also cum shoot to her pussy as after another.
    Duration : 00:38:12
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