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  • Tokyo Hot n0763 Sensitive Meat Slave Maria Ono

    Tokyo Hot n0763 Sensitive Meat Slave

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    Format : DVD All Regions
    Product code : G2664 Item code : n0763
    Starring : Maria Ono
    Studio : Tokyo Hot Series : Tokyo Hot
    Category : Bukkake ,Creampie ,Piss ,masterbation ,Gangbang ,Toys ,speculum ,irrumatio(irrumation) ,cum on hair ,splash pussy ,Cleaning fellatio ,Fingering ,Much bukkake ,love-spanking ,Bondage ,Drinking Semen ,Vibration Machine ,massive cum discharge ,licking semen
    Screen Shot :
    Detailed Information
    Sensitive Meat Slave
                It looks pure but super metamorphoses! It attracts a fair skin and beautiful dynamite tits. MARIA ONO she is a masochist young lady who does not miss masturbation while swelling erotic delusion either. Obedient character is the best for a meat slave. It thrust down into devil hell instantly. The clitoris is fingered by the electric massage machine and it is acme. The semen is poured in into a vagina and it is acme. It gets acme 29times in the public without shameful! In addition it is also 20 vaginal cum shot & 10 facial cum shot. It shows standing PISS SHOT as well. Finally it evolved to the highest meat slave who still coveted acme even if made covered with semen. Although MARIA is said to show a pussy suddenly and being wavered she removes dress gradually and becomes half-nakedness. Immediately after a hand and a leg are fixed by a rope and pussy is greatly opened in an open leg pose. She does masturbation while touching clitoris with a finger and gets acme. It is an expression abstracted without shame. She is so erotic woman. Then nipple that is erected is stimulated with a rotor toy. An electric massage machine is pushed to clitoris at the same time and she feels it much. It is pushed with an electric massage machine obstinately just after that and she lets a lower part of the body have convulsions! It is two continuation acme. And a vib toy is thrown into a pussy and it is stirred and she exclaims. And she gets acme again. She is also made acme by the continuing electric massage machine play and she faints in agony. And then cock inserted at missionary posture and vaginal cum shot is made at bending posture. Immediately after electric massage machine is pushed to clitoris and she feels it so much. The second cock inserted at missionary posture and semen is injected. Immediately after she feels for the electric massage machine play. And she is made acme again while discharging the backflow semen. Immediately after third cock inserted and she faints in agony. And it is vaginal cum shot. The fourth fifth and sixth cock inserted one after another and insertion & pouring semen is repeated. The total 12 cum shot is poured in and pussy is muddy much. When fifth cock made piston she is made acme at the same time of vaginal cum shot. Then she is naturally made cleaning fellatio. The clitoris is touched with an electric massage machine just after the twelfth shot and she lets a whole body have convulsions. And she is made acme again. The whole body which blushed and became crimson is indecent. Then MARIA is surrounded by six men. It is already excitement state. It seems that it is a sensitive constitution felt only by a cock being close. Immediately after it is pussy fart by the open leg pose. It is a vulgar woman in anyhow. And then Cuzco inserted. It is excited on a thickness cervix and a narrow vagina way. In addition it is a pleat of a vagina way that it is conspicuous. It is definite excellent article. It wants to insert soon. The immediately after whole body is licked and clitoris is licked persistently at the same time and she gets acme. The clitoris is fingered after anal was also licked obstinately. The pussy is already getting wet much. Then two rotor toys are thrown into a vagina and it is simultaneously touched by the electric massage machine. It is acme again. Immediately after she exclaims into the continuing vibs toy play after two electric massage machines are pushed clitoris and acme. And it is acme again. It is also stirred vibs toy immediately after and she is in agony. She entreats for a cock at the same time acme. And she made hand job service & fellatio six cocks joyfully. However a desire to urinate is held hurriedly and it is standing PISS SHOT. It excretes it in large quantities while she enlarges the pussy with a finger and being seen. It is too much of being vulgar! And it is inserted in a missionary posture while it is abused as smelled. It is made acme repeatedly while being stirred in the side back woman on top and standing missionary posture and she exclaims. Clitoris is simultaneously stimulated with an electric massage machine and feels so much. And it rushes into a continuation vaginal cum shot. It repeated insertion & vaginal cum shot one after another and total seven vaginal cum shot was made. It exposed the foolery that it is made finger fuck and incontinent on the way. Pussy was muddy much. However it is not ended yet. The facial cum shot is made one after another while clitoris is stimulated with an electric massage machine. It is a cleaning fellatio immediately after pouring total of ten shots. Also she is made acme three times at the same time of facial cum shot. She makes the expression of the ecstasy look like abnormal while claims as said eye are hurt and it is satisfied very much. Even if is satisfied so much it is a meat slave after all. It is the bottom layer human that is continuously abused as gSemen smell Shamelessh and is poured semen into throughout the life. The next life will also surely pass the lifetime as covered with semen.
    Starring : Maria Ono
    Duration : 00:40:52
    Actresses Appear in This Movie 13
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