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  • Little Asian Transsexuals 10 Moo,Koko,Mook,Cindy,Dee Dee

    Little Asian Transsexuals 10

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    Format : DVD All Regions
    Product code : G1780 Item code : TW-02603
    Starring : Moo ,Koko ,Mook ,Cindy ,Dee Dee
    Studio : Asian Eyes Series : Little Asian Transsexuals
    Category : Gay ,Shemale ,Transexual
    Screen Shot :
    Detailed Information
    Little Asian Transsexuals 10
    Thailands third sex, better knows as Katoeys or Ladyboys, will intrigue a man just as much as they will t...More
    Starring: Moo, Koko, Mook, Cindy, Dee Dee
    Studio : Asian Eyes
    Series : Little Asian Transsexuals
    Thailands third sex, better knows as Katoeys or Ladyboys, will intrigue a man just as much as they will test his hetero-sexuality. How to handle a beautiful girl, who just so happens to have 3 legs, is something many travellers to Thailand are left pondering. 
    Moo is our very beautiful Cover Girl for this edition. On the surface, Moo is 100% Thai girl. Her face is young and inviting, and she sports a lovely smile as well. Her tits are big and juicy and her legs are very long and pretty. Between those legs, she is packin something most normal Thai girls arent... A chubby, uncut cock that loves to prod the asses of unsuspecting sex tourists. Her pubes are shaved clean and she whacks her 6 inch whanker a bit before completely removing her underwear. She gets hold of a hard cock in her mouth, and knows exactly what to do with it. She sucks, as she strokes her own hard, hairless and fairly meaty shaft. Her man takes notice of her arousal and wraps his lips around her most manly feature. They sword fight a bit, before she jumps on his cock in RCG, with her long legs straddling the outside of his. Her tight sack hardly jiggles, but her hard cock surely does, as it twists and turns with rhythmic motion. This guy does not give Moos ass a break, until pulling out and blowing the hugeest load we have seen in a long time, all over her cock and tiny sack. She prepares to do a bit of the same, offloading a milky 
    white, and very healthy one of her own, that slowly dribbles between her leg and very firm nut sack. She showers clean, changes, and does an enlightening interview with Director Dimitri, about her life and the Pattaya club scene. She is only 19 years old, and has been a ladyboy from the age of 5. She has always liked girly things, and since her first experience at the age of 15, has yet to ever have sex with a girl. She pledges to us all that she will never cut off her cock and/or ultra-tight ball sack.
    Dee-Dee wears fish net stockings, as she strokes her cock together with her man. Dee Dee is 100% tranny whore, with the required Thai slut makeup, bleached blonde hair, and a thick juicy rack with lactating nipple tips. Her boyfriend worships her hard dong and devours her tight and tiny sack. She licks and teases his cock as he tugs on hers like hes milking a cow. He splits her butt cheeks and rams her ass, as her stiff 6 incher chubs up even more. Her ass is warm and soft like melted butter, and welcomes his cock deep inside to stir things around a bit. She hops on him for a ride in RCG, as her hairless third member flops up and down. He slams her down for a final round in mish, as he pulls out and cum flies everywhere. They both give up massive, thick cum loads. Unbelievably, her load is bigger than his, and more and more spills out, as she rubs and strokes her perpetually throbbing shlong. Her cock is still hard as she jumps in the shower and says goodbye for today.
    Koko and Cindy are two Ladyboys who enjoy playing together as a break from their normal routine of ripping off stupid tourists. Koko has red lace stockings, red high heels, and a see-through dress on, as she dances slow and very sexy for the camera. Her cock is hard already, as it peeps out from beneath her g-string panty line. Cindy, an extremely horny ladyboy herself, is dying to suck on Kokos cock. She absolutely devours it, as she works it over from the tip, right down to her balls and hariless ass as well. 
    Cindy resembles a wild dog, sucking and slobbering all over Kokos cock and mini sack, as if it was the first meal she has eaten in a week. She squeezes tranny milk from Kokos boobs and licks up every drop. Koko gets her turn to work Cindy over, and starts by plugging her ass with a giant glass dildo. Cindy anally swallows it with ease. Koko continues to fuck her hard with it, as Cindy strokes Kokos cock. Cindys sack is small, dark and tight, and her cock measures in at a respectable 5 inches. Koko is now hard as a rock and ready to p
    Shemale,Sample Movie,Gay/She,Male,Transexual / She-Male
    Product Info:
    Item#: TW-02603 | Media Type: DVD | Region Code: 0 (ALL) | Picture Format: NTSC | Screen Format: 4:3 Standard TV | DVD Type: N/A | Language: Not Yet Confirmed | No. of Disc: 1 | Sub,Title: N/A
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    Release Date : 5/19/2008 ( Available )
    Playing time : Apx. 2 Hrs 1 Mins
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