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  • Japanese Super Idols Gold Vol. 19 Ichigo Milk

    Japanese Super Idols Gold Vol. 19

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    Format : DVD All Regions
    Product code : A106
    Starring : Ichigo Milk
    Category : VCD
    Screen Shot : No Screen Shot
    Detailed Information
    Women from Hokkaido, Japan are known for their radiant pure white skin. But they are actually well more recognized for their way in sex, which is very discreet, real gentle, but extremely nasty and dirty. This actually explains much of Ichigo Miruku's personally in general, since she's from Hokkaido. Whenever she's out in the public, she'll be gentle, smiling a lot, well in manners, just like the girl next door but after curtains rolls down, she initiates in sucking cocks, unzipping man's pants, taking it strong into her mouth and pussy, while sometimes even tasting that lovely male gravy. Now, for the FIRST TIME (and in a long time), viewers get to see this nasty girl get down and dirty, all 100% uncensored, which everyone's been craving for in a along time!! Finally!
    There are two main sex scenes in this movie where Ichigo Miruku's dressed up in fascinating looking customs. One of them is in a ninja costume (?), which appears to be quite cool with her hair down loose and the costume being short to her thighs and all. And then there's the other costume, which is the cowgirl costume, which has Ichigo in a cute red cowboy hat with bikini top and red shorts on.
    From both of the sex scenes, viewers will get the chance to finally see this girl's pussy being fucked, sucked, fingered, eaten out, etc for the first time! Actually maybe there was a reason for her pussy being censored for all this time. Because her pussy actually looks monstrous compares to her small body frame. But anyhow, the sex scenes here are all great, providing viewers with different emotions by having Ichigo in some awesome costumes. And also the sex scene where the guy?s fucking Milk Ichigo while he?s walking down the stairs shouldn?t be missed out!
    Much like the sex scenes, each and every foreplay scenes stars lovely Ichigo in various forms of costumes such as American striped Bikini (one like Rocky's trunks), Cashmere one piece dress, and also this weird looking hat that only the Grinch would wear. In these various costumes, she performs some cool BJs, masturbation using a "dog statue", dildoing, etc. But the scene that really caught this reviewer?s attention was the scene where she starts to make out with this guy. Here, she actually French kisses while drooling saliva all over herself, for about 10~15minutes!! The way Milk sucks and licks the guy?s tongue was memorable also! Again, this is brought to you totally uncensored for the first time!! 
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