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  • Tokyo Hot n0191 the semen cocktail Yumi Ono

    Tokyo Hot n0191 the semen cocktail

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    Format : DVD All Regions
    Product code : G2774 Item code : n0191
    Starring : Yumi Ono
    Studio : Tokyo Hot Series : Tokyo Hot
    Category : Bukkake ,Creampie ,Piss ,Gangbang ,Toys ,speculum ,mouth ejaculation ,Oral cum ,Titty fuck ,Drinking Semen ,ignoring entreaty
    Screen Shot :
    Detailed Information
    the semen cocktail
                the semen cocktail The prey in this time is Yumi Ono who smells sexy pheromone. Yumi is working part-time in the cabaret club besides working as the office lady. There is a table of the high-class only for VIP in the cabaret club and the guest drops a lot of money. Yumi who wants money consults the manager to sit on the table of the high-class. However, money is not obtained easily. Special service is demanded in the table of the high-class. What special service will be demanded? One of them is semen drinking service, the excitement cannot be concealed to Yumi who has such a lovely face and drinks semen. Yumi consults the manager to sit on the table of the high-class and the manager guides the service of the high-class to Yumi. The panty is taken off and finger fuck starts by the backing style. Yes, the high-class service was service with the body. The pussy of Yumi is already wet though she is puzzled. Also compulsion fellatio and rub service to using tits is required. In addition, the glans ahead is rubbed by the nipple. To satisfy VIP guest, a high-class technique is demanded. Next, Yumi mounts on the erected cock of the manager and raw fucking starts at the backward woman on top, woman on top and standing back posture. In addition, cock inserts in the pussy of Yumi who become open leg posture on the chair. The love juice that becomes cloudy gushes and a lewd sound is made. Yumi withstands to the manager who tries to make vaginal cum shot. However, semen is tragically injected in the vagina. In addition, the semen that flows backward is pushed from the pussy with the cock in the vagina. It gets excited by the spectacle to which the ostium of the vagina shuts and opens even if semen is pushed back to the outside. Manager's OK goes out and Yumi sits on the table of the high-class from on that night. Men of the table suddenly attack YIRI in anyhow and compulsion fellatio. The cock is thrown in to the mouth one after another and mouthful cum shot is made. Yumi shakes the semen and her saliva in the mouth by the instruction of guest. In addition, it is vomited in the glass. Semen of five is collected in the glass, and the shake is made again in the mouth and it is vomited in the glass. It is ready of an original cocktail. Though Yumi chokes to the smell of semen and becomes a watery eye, she drunk up all the semen cocktails. It continues, it is group cum shower party to the mouth of Yumi who leans against the sofa and is masturbating. Yumi dislikes it seriously every time it ejaculates. However, the ejaculation to the woman who dislikes it calls a further excitement. Total 15 mouthfuls cum shot are made. Surroundings of the mouth are made dirty with semen. Then, pussy of Yumi becomes a next target. After pussy is made wet much by the finger fuck, rotor and vibs toy attack is made. The vibs toy is inserted by the backing style and Yumi is made acme compulsorily. Yumi is made to say, Please put fatter one in and a fatter vibs toy is inserted. The pussy of Yumi who is made acme compulsorily again by the fatter vibs toy is peeped at in Cuzco. Yumi seems exhausted by the too violent piston of vibs toy. However, VIP guests are not satisfied still. They move to the bed and fucking is begun. Another cock is thrown in to the mouth of Yumi who is fucked at the missionary posture. A violent piston continues at the banding, sitting and woman on top posture and Yumi is made to say, It is pleasant by force. After Yumi is violently poked at the backward woman on top posture, vaginal cum shot is made. Immediately after cock having been pulled out, the injected semen drips slowly. After the semen that remains in the pussy is raked out by the finger, fuck is made again at the missionary posture. The load to the pussy might be too large, Yumi shows an expression that seems to be painful from beginning to end while piston is made. And it is vaginal cum shot again. Another cock is immediately inserted in the vagina that does the slack shrinkage. And it is vaginal cum shot after it is violently stirred in vagina with cock. Crotch is fully covered by the semen. Even the anus seems to be convulsive simultaneously with the pussy is must see. The last is PISS SHOT. Urination goes along in the thigh by the standing PISS SHOT. VIP guest is satisfy though Yumi says It is shameful and seriously dislikes. Anyway the guest promised the nomination Yumi as follows and returned. Yumi will break immediately by the continuousness of the nomination. After she destroyed, she will be resigned the hostess and rehired as the professional that shake the semen cocktail by the mouth. A large amount of semen is drunk up every day. We will wait for coming to a club by collects semen enough. n0191 Ono Yumi Yumi Ono New Original Movie Bukkake Creampie Piss Gangbang Toys speculum mouth ejaculation Oral cum Titty fuck Drinking Semen ignoring entreaty Female Office Worker black Pantyhose Night club lady ?? E??? ????? ??? ?? ??????? ??? ??? ??? ??????   ?????????????? ??????  ?  ??????  ?  159cm??????  ?  B86(E). W56. H82????  ?  23.5cm???  ?  A????  ?  4?22???  ?  ?????  ?  ???????AV???2007??????????????????????O?????????
    Starring : Yumi Ono
    Duration : 01:12:24
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