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  • Tokyo Hot n0161 A doll to drink cum Erina Mizuki

    Tokyo Hot n0161 A doll to drink cum

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    Format : DVD All Regions
    Product code : G2771 Item code : n0161
    Starring : Erina Mizuki
    Studio : Tokyo Hot Series : Tokyo Hot
    Category : Bukkake ,Creampie ,Gangbang ,Toys ,mouth ejaculation ,cum on hair ,splash pussy ,Cleaning fellatio ,Cum On tits ,love-spanking ,Drinking Semen ,creampie eating
    Screen Shot :
    Detailed Information
    A doll to drink cum
                A doll to drink cum Young slut ERINA MIZUKI who can drink semen though she looks pure and innocent by the idol face appears. ERINA came to be able to be trained by the teacher in the school days and to have drunk any man's semen. She stalks in the town with showy clothes after graduates though she is a lovely girl before graduates. What was happen to ERINA ? ERINA who walks a town in showy clothes as a miniskirt and tank top meets a teacher again by chance. The devil's temptation stole up to ERINA who had grown up. You will be dragged into the world of a living hell beginning from here. In a school day ERINA is brought to the rooftop in the apartment house by the teacher who was waiting as soon as having gone out of home and fellatio is compelled. Another cock is presented in front of ERINA who suck the cock reluctantly and two cocks are licked while she is perplexed. And semen splashed on her tongue. Cohesive and thick semen has agglomerated in the mouth and ERIAN is made to swallow it by force. In the continuously they move to the emergency staircase. ERINA who is made taking off school uniform and tied up both hands with a scarf of school uniform is stimulated a nipple and pussy with rotor toy. The cloudiness liquid begins to blot when the rotor toy is inserted in the pussy by the backing style and in addition it begins the compulsion fellatio. And semen is splashed on the tongue again. ERINA is surprised at the power of the semen that flew to the vicinity of eyes. ERINA who graduates high school is walking in showy in the town. The teacher found such ERIAN and she was hunted by the two friends of teacher then she meets the teacher again in the brought room. The insult by three people starts from a word of teacher's This slut will hear anything said. ERINA put on nothings at all under the showy clothes. ERINA is bound both hands with the rope and is made open leg posture at the sofa. Pussy gets dripping wet by the violent finger fuck and made female ejaculation by powerful finger fuck at the last. In continues it is attack of rotor toy and vibs toy between drenched crotches. Additionally the cock is thrown in to the mouth and the spank of hips. A large amount of love juice and joy juice are gushed and the yawning pussy and hips dyed in red are miserable. Then the fucking starts. Vaginal cum shot was made with saying that Put it out to the inside because it met after a long time at the bending posture through woman on top and standing back posture. Though ERINA who dislike seriously and tried to escape from vaginal cum shot she becomes obedient and stupefies it for a while after vaginal cum shot was made. The spectacle that the semen that flows backward stays in the vicinity of the vagina is lascivious. ERINA is making of the lick semen and is liberated from lose consciousness. And the cock with semen is pushed into her mouth by force. Next simultaneously play by three brute starts after move to bed. The mouth is closed by the cock during fuck at the missionary back and standing back posture. It get so excited for the appearance that the love juice begin to blot from the pussy that closed with the cock. The second vaginal cum shot was made after pushed up from the under. ERINA is painted the semen that flows backward on the tongue and licks the semen that dripped on man's belly. In addition the cock after cum shot is sucked and scooped all semen and swallowed up at the end. The semen that flowed backward after third vaginal cum shot is painted on the tongue and everything is swallowed. The last is cum shower party to ERINA who does not oppose to swallow semen. Semen of total 14 is splashed to the face and the place where ERINA drinks up splendidly is so wonderful. It was power of semen that made ERINA who was a serious high school girl change into showy slut. It knew that the power of semen was important to make the woman obedient and slave. TOKYO HOT has absolute confidence for the power of semen so as to make all the women of the world a slave. n0161 Mizuki Erina Erina Mizuki New Original Movie Bukkake Creampie Gangbang Toys mouth ejaculation cum on hair splash pussy Cleaning fellatio Cum On tits love-spanking Drinking Semen creampie eating School Girl Casual Wear ?? B??? ??  ?? ?? ??? ?????? ?? ??  ????????????????? ????????????? ????151cm ????????B82(B-65)?W58?H84 ???????? ??????? ?????A? ?????? ?????????????????? ???????????? ??????????????? ??????????
    Starring : Erina Mizuki
    Duration : 01:13:40
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