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  • Tokyo Hot n0745 Shameless Tennis Club Haruka Sugisaki

    Tokyo Hot n0745 Shameless Tennis Club

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    Format : DVD All Regions
    Product code : G2551 Item code : n0745
    Starring : Haruka Sugisaki
    Studio : Tokyo Hot Series : Tokyo Hot
    Category : Creampie ,Piss ,Gangbang ,Toys ,irrumatio(irrumation) ,Cleaning fellatio ,Pussy Bukkake ,Hand Job ,Semen poured ,Drinking Semen ,Vibration Machine ,ignoring entreaty ,Bukkomi ,Creampie-doggy ,creampie-duck neck
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    Detailed Information
    Shameless Tennis Club
                It is vigorous in bright and cheerful. A dazzling smile is preeminent for the healing effect. It is HARUKA SUGUSAKI it is a fair beauty of the slender body. She would live without any trouble. Because it is the gentle character in which it does not know suspecting people she never considered that body was aimed. t is best to make it puzzled and to make fuck for this kind of woman.HARUKA is poured semen with not being able to oppose it and falls easily. The whole body convulsion that she receives the powerful stimulation to the pussy is the best part! The beautiful pussy gets mad. It is the PISS SHOT of disgrace.It trains naive woman thoroughly and thought the way which lived in a woman as a meat urinal in a body.HARUKA who belongs to a tennis club is encouraged by the senior during practice. The figure in which she wrapped herself in tennis clothes is cute. It begins to be unclothed a wear after it was meddled too much. She is surprised at the act which is hard to believe and opposes. Immediately after although she is made deep kiss and being opposed seriously it does not possibly match the power of the man. The panty is rolled up in an open leg pose and beautiful pussy is exposed. It is made finger fuck and floods pussy juice immediately and she feels it. Immediately after she is sucked cock and is made to lick as it said. There is also a scene where it is stabbed to the back with all its strength and is troubled. And then cock inserted at missionary posture. A piston is carried out at woman on top standing back and missionary posture and it is a painful pant voice although she felt. It wants to torment her more. And it is vaginal cum shot though she strongly refuses it. She is sucked cock just after the ejaculation and made cleaning fellatio with having a fit of coughing. This was the first step toward a fall. Immediately after the five younger generations of a senior appear there and participate in insult. HARUKA makes fellatio & hand job service for five cocks one after another and is made mouthful cum shot. The semen of continuation of five shots is poured in one after another. Immediately after she drank up all. And there is the further fall. She is pressed to let other members who peeped into a series of insult make fuck. She is surrounded by three persons and is made finger fuck immediately and pussy begins to get wet. Though she hates for obstinate careful licking service seriously pussy juice is increasing. Immediately after clitoris is touched by the rotor toy and a lower half of the body is cramped! Also rotor toy is pushed in the vagina and clitoris is stimulated at the same time and she exclaims. A whole body has in convulsions! It is not simple way of feel. It seems that it is fairly pleasant. And then she is sucked cock and is made fellatio. The pussy is touched by the electric massage machine also while having made hand job service & licking two cocks and she is in agony and gets acme. It is also pushed strongly immediately after and she exclaimed and got acme again. The cock is pushed in even the back of throat at the same time and she gets breathing difficulty. She spits out a cock while having a coughing fit. It is too terrible! And then cock inserted at missionary posture and piston continues at side bending and backward woman on top posture. The pussy is already getting wet much. She is also poked much by the back posture and she has convulsions from head to foot little by little! Is this a limit seriously? Future more she is made piston at woman on top & back posture for long time and she opposes it. Immediately after vaginal cum shot is made. And it is cleaning fellatio. The second cock inserted soon and semen is injected at missionary posture. She entreats to hate more vaginal cum shot seriously after she was made cleaning fellatio. However the third cock is inserted and it is made piston powerfully at bending posture. And then vaginal cum shot is made at side posture. Immediately after it is cleaning fellatio. Pussy is already gets wet much. But it does not finish yet. She is inserted cock one after another by the other members who gathered and she made vaginal cum shot. The pussy that is poured in the semen of a total of ten shots disintegrated. And it is cleaning fellatio after ejaculation. Then the electric massage machine is pressed against a muddy pussy and she faints in agony. She riots much and a whole body has convulsions! She is made acme twice continuously. The consciousness is already light-headedness and the breathing is rough too. No matter how one puts it it goes too far. And last is PISS SHOT. She squats down and opens pussy with a finger and excretes. She spouts out intermittently for the feeling that seems to squeeze a little urine. It is powerful although it is thin. It can see a state to jet from a urethral opening clearly and is indecent. After this the admission of man who aimed at HARUKA who became a exclusive meat urinal to belong tennis club increases rapidly. It is the norm of at least 50 or more shots per day. Though she give up as said it is harder than an exercise she may goes mad immediately and should be lose oneself.
    Starring : Haruka Sugisaki
    Duration : 00:36:27
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